About Us

dylon dog 6cOur Cafe named after famous character Dylan Dog who lived at our address. Dylan Dog is a fictional character, star of the horror comic published by Sergio Bonelli Editore and created by Tiziano Sclavian, an Italian comics and novel writer, taking the inspiration from the English actor Rupert Everett, as he saw in the movie Another Country. The character was named for poet Dylan Thomas. Dylan is a private investigator that specializes in the undead arts, he protects the monsters that are good – and kills the ones that are evil.

Dylan lived with Groucho at 7 Craven Road, Paddington, London in a cluttered apartment with a doorbell that screams. His hobbies include playing the clarinet (he only knows to play Devil’s Trill, but plays it often) and constructing a model ship which he apparently never manages to finish; he has many phobias, including claustrophobia, fear of bats and acrophobia.

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